Welcome to the Entrepreneurship Course

1. To register, fill this form https://elomake.humak.fi/lomakkeet/409/lomake.html?rinnakkaislomake=english  . This is important, because without registering you cannot join the online course. As you join this course you also register as Tempo participant. Tempo is funded by the ESR fund and also they collect the info for their register.

2. You will get confirmation for registering.

3. You need a username and password for the online course. This is how you get them: use bank codes or mobile ID in Suomi.fi service: https://id.humak.fi/bin/idm/open/register01.pl . Accept the terms and conditions. After this you can see your username and you can make your own password (at least 8 digits with caps and numbers. Registrations take a week to process.

4. When you have received the username and password, you can see the online course. Here is the direct link: https://moodle.humak.fi/course/view.php?id=4058

5. If you need more info on registering, please contact avoinamk@humak.fi

6. If you have questions regarding the content: satu.riikonen@humak.fi or jenny.honka@humak.fi

Koronakriisin vaikutuksia maahanmuuttajien elämään Suomessa -blogikirjoituksen kuvvituskuva, jossa nainen istuu tietokoneella ja katselee oikealle.

In this course you will learn many things such as how to price your products or services and how taxation works in Finland. The main purpose is to grow your entrepreneurial attitude.

The course consists of two meetings and independently performed tasks. You will  meet other people who are in the same situation as you and will be able to network with them.

Welcome to join us! The course is organized by Humak University of Applied Sciences and The Federation of Finnish Enterprises as part of Tempo project. The project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).