Welcome to How to become
an entrepreneur in Finland course (5 ECTS)!

On the course you will learn about founding a company in Finland. You will also build a business plan. The course includes texts, videos and excercises. You can take the online course where ever and when ever it suits you! It is free of charge.

Register for the course here.

For more information: Satu Riikonen, satu.riikonen@humak.fi

The course is built by Humak University of Applied Sciences and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Southwest Finland and it is funded by the European Social Funds (ESF).

The course themes are:
1. Me as an entrepreneur
2. Business idea
3. Customers
4. Product/service
5. Profitability and pricing
6. Competitors
7. Sales and marketing
8. Economic planning, taxation and accounting
9.Permits and insurance
10. Forms of entrepreneurship