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Tempo project final event on the 27th of January 2022 presented four different points of view on how to succeed in your career and in an entrepreneurial way in Finland. Business Advisor at Turku Science Park Ltd Megumi Hayashi and Empower Wednesday Program manager/founder, IWWOF Vice-Chair Lucia Vuillermin, Kangoo Club Turku and Jump Fit founder Veronica Deac and stand-up comedian and entrepreneur Ali Jahangiri presented their success stories and tips during the event.

Hayashi and Vuillermin started by talking about how they have had an entrepreneurial mindset in their career and they shared some of their networks with the participants.  Vuillermin found it is important to find people who are willing to mentor and share their networks. Projects such as Tempo can help find these key contacts. Hayashi added that for example Talent Turku network is important and the network of international talents in the region.

”Find the right people who believe in you.”

Deac continued. She has succeeded with her business and made her way to the finals of Talent Finland. She shared her success story and important tips on entrepreneurship. She has a background as an economist so the understanding on how businesses work has been important since the beginning. People around her and the authorities thought that her business idea was crazy. They said that the market was full of similar ideas and that this kind of business would not succeed.

Despite the doubts of others Deac was persistent and was able to found her business on the basis of kangoo jumps boots and classes.

“Ideas become great when you start working on them.”

Deac emphasized the importance of the wellbeing of the entrepreneur, both physically and mentally, because the amouunt of work is in direct connection with the success of the business. She also pointed out that she did not create a business for people but rather with them, building a community.

Persistence has been the key to success also during the pandemic:

”Don’t be a victim but always a fighter. – Covid-19 didn’t stop me, I have doubled my sales by being innovative.”

Ali Jahangiri was the keynote speaker with his story as a migrant entrepreneur. He has had several ventures during his career. We all know him as a standup comedian but according to Jahangiri he is before most an entrepreneur as all he has done has had an entrepreneurial way. His main tip for the participants:

”Aim high!”

He encouraged the participants to always contact the people responsible for the big decisions. They will tell you if you need to be in touch with someone else.

Tempo was happy to host the event. The materials will be shared on the webpage. You can find event materials supporting entrepreneurship here:

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Jenny Honka, MA (Art and design), senior lecturer

Last modified: 28.2.2022